• DIY Fireplace Logs

    DIY Fireplace Logs

    With the price of firewood, you might as well be burning dollar bills. The cheap solution? Make your own fireplace logs.

  • Cash Strapped Christmas

    Cash Strapped Christmas

    Sometimes the thought of being practical about money goes against our wishes to be generous. Learn to budget for the holidays and everyone will have a reason to celebrate.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Budgeting Success

    A Beginner's Guide to
    Budgeting Success

    A budget acts like a roadmap to your financial future. Without a good one, it may be very difficult for you to reach your desired destination.

  • 10 Ways to Transform Mac and Cheese

    10 Ways to Transform Mac & Cheese

    Stock up on boxed macaroni and cheese when it is on sale and keep it on hand for penny-pinching days. Then choose one of these 10 super easy ways to make mac and cheese into dinner.

  • Homemade Bubble Bath Gifts

    Homemade Bubble Bath Gifts

    Imagine homemade bubble bath that comes with a surprise inside! With these easy steps and a bit of creativity, you can find many different ways to present this frugally fun gift idea.

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